Saturday, March 28, 2009

new begining

its happend a few months ago when my finger stop do all the typing thinggy on my blackpage of my beloved DESIGNERULEZ PHILOSOPHY..i submitd my resignation letter and want to concentrate 100% to my interior architecture study..kononnye taknak join lagi blog blog ni.

Tapi,, suddenly, after watching a movie with a fren of mine malam td ,tibe tibe jari jariku gatal untuk kembali menulis dalam papan berlatar belakangkan warne hitam ini...lagu O Re Piya or touch my soul (kalau ak silap la) buat aku berdebar debar untuk ikot jalan cerita Pengarahnya sebenar..

Previously, i watched one of her movie called Mukhsin during the premier at GSC Midvalley with my fren, Haniff (he is so called a fim researcher for me). and i adored the way her thnk and the perspective view of her mind shows a lot of different point of view compared to other local producer/director. With a low budjet, she managed to produced a moving pictures that tell us about another human behavior on the other surface of thingking. Hanif ( a fren of mine) explained to me every single scene that She used to send a message to the viewers. the scene most i remenber is when Orkid, performed her solat with her family and suddenly her cat came back to her after it get lost for a few days. it it not just a simple scene, but meaning of it have been deliverd n the other way....its all about Mukhsin....

Tale n Time,

or its pronounced as talentime, or what so ever.. this is another piece of art, its not just a moving pictures. but again its all about our lifestyle. kepada sesiapa yang sgt sensitif kepada keagamaan and perkauman please do not watch..aku takot ada yang bakar panggung nanti...yet, please, think in the other perspective view. discover not only on the surface, but dig deeply. Lots of the truth of our colours revealed in this movie, samaada kite sedar atau tidak. tapi ianya adalah benar."kita banyak beramal, tapi tidak mengamalkannya",,y this happend? .....u should watch this movie...thnks to YASMIN AHMAD for her briliant idea..tetibe aku rasa tak berbaloi bayar RM10 for her movie,, i should pay more...........and one more thng, its only 10 people(including my fren and I) in the cinema last nite.,ada lebih seratus kerusi kosong aku rasa....

sorry my englishh is very bad..(ada aku kesah)